Convert Images to TIFF Format to Meet All Your Personal Needs

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a computer file format for storing raster graphics images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industries and both amateur and professional photographers in general. It is the favored format in many graphic applications, including image manipulation programs, desktop publishing, 3-D imaging applications, optical character recognition, scanning and faxing applications.

Ever wanted to quickly and efficiently convert images to TIFF to meet your personal needs like faxing and word processing? If you haven’t done the conversion already, there is a fast, automatic and easy-to-use Image Converter for you. With the help of this simple TIFF converter, you can successfully finish your conversion with just a few clicks. Free download it now and follow the below steps on how to convert images to TIFF.

Step1. Add Any Image You Want to Convert to TIFF

Launch Image Converter and then click Add button to add any image you want to convert to TIFF format from your local disk. Or you can directly drag and drop your images into the Image List. Suppose that you want to delete any photo you had already added, just click once on it and then click Remove to delete it.

add images

Several good options for you are that you are free to preview all images with small thumbnails, sort them by date, name, type, etc. or rotate them based on your own requirements.

Step2. Choose Output Format and Make Conversion Settings

Before you start converting images to TIFF, be sure to choose the right output format and make some necessary conversion properties you need.

Click Formats in the left and then choose To Tiff as your ultimate output format. Here you can freely choose one Color Depth you want from four choices. Also, so many compression options provided in this converter are perfect for you to finish your conversion. Furthermore, free to click Advanced to check Save EXIF, if exist or Save IPTC, if exist.

choose output format

Step3. Start Converting Your Images to TIFF

Can’t wait to finish converting your images to TIFF format? If all the settings look great and you’re satisfied with them, you can click Start button in the bottom right to start your conversion process.

start converting

Even if you’re a novice in the process of converting images, you can easily and quickly learn how to convert images to TIFF format according to the guidance mentioned above. But the prerequisite is that you've already downloaded Image Converter. Try it and enjoy it now!

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