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Publisher Plus Features
  • Spur inspiration from the hundreds of amazing templates.
  • Manage contents with tons of art resources and various objects.
  • Refine document using the powerful editing features.
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Media & User Review

"A fully-featured and user-friendly desktop publishing and page layout application specially made for novice and experienced users."


At the low end of the pricing scale for desktop publishing apps is Publisher Plus. This is a new entry but not exactly short on features, despite the price tag.


I am always interested in any app that empowers me to create stunning flyers, brochures, reports, and more. Of course, the drawback is not all of them are easy to use. The main differences are that Publisher Plus is a touch faster to use, because it doesn’t hide options behind menus. The benefit is a bunch of good templates to use where you just enter your personalized text.

- alan5460256

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