Make a Creative Easter Card to Spread Easter Cheer

Spring has finally sprung and Easter is almost here. Can’t wait to celebrate the joys of that day? Or are you eager to get an especially special and creative Easter gift ideas for your family or friends? Then expressing greetings to your loved ones on Easter card decorated with sweet photos, beautiful eggs, cute chocolate bunnies and best wishes would never be missed out.

But the problem arises: where to find inspiration for Easter greeting cards making? You do not need to worry about it because there is an automatic, easy and powerful card maker just right in front of you. Now go to app store to download Greeting Box for Mac and then check the following guide on how to make a personalized printable Easter card with it.

Step1. Choose an Easter Template

Launch this software and then you will see varieties of templates appear in pop up window. Click Easter on Holidays category and then choose your favorite Easter template to apply by double clicking.

choose template

Step2. Add Easter Celebrating Photos

Adding some Easter celebrating photos is an indispensable part of card making. There are four icons under Background button. Click the first icon to open the Photo thumbnail panel and click “+” button at the left bottom of window to add your photos into card.

add photos

Step3. Add Decorations to Your Card

Your Easter card will look much better if you add some decorations on it. Here you are free to add any embellishment you like, such as Easter eggs, bunnies and sincere wishes, etc.

Add Easter Clipart

Click the fourth icon on the upper left to open the Clipart thumbnail panel and then drag some Easter clipart like eggs and bunnies to the edit area. You can resize them by dragging your mouse to find their best place.

add clipart

Add Best Easter wishes

Greeting Box for Mac gives you an access to express your warmest and best wishes to your family or friends on Easter day. Click New Object button on the upper left and click Text Object to input your wishes in the box. To make your wishes much more prominent, you can set your own text color, style and size, or add shadow freely.

add text

Step4. Print Your Easter Card

Click Print button to go into the print mode and then make your own print settings, like Printer, Paper size and Copies. If you think all these settings are well done, you can print it out and then send to your friends.

print card

Tired of the old Easter gift ideas? Making a marvelous Easter card in person may be a creative idea and the top pick for you. The process is fairly simple and you can spread Easter cheer in such a meaningful way. May all your friends love your card very much and have a nice Easter Day!

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