Product Reviews

Cool and Useful

by edgyteddy

Adding text watermarks is rather easy in this app. Also a few image stickers can be applied (or you may load your pictures as the watermark). However I find that some built-in stickers won't let you edit the text, leaving an "DEMO" sticker on your work. That is not cool and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Great App

by peter_brown

I need to add water marks on photos for copyright protecttion sometimes. This app is useful to me. It is easy to add text and image watermarks to photos in a batch. I can add descriptive captions to my photos. This app is great.

Useful App

by mrcooper5

Sometimes you need to add some watermark on your picture and upload it somewhere. Of course for this simple task you don’t need to have a Photoshop or something. This app will help you to make it. It’s very easy and simple to use app that able to add watermark on your photo. Just choose any watermark from the library and that's it. You can also add text as a watermark. Pretty useful app especially for photographs and some blogers.

Pretty Good App

by baoxianzhi

Pretty good app to reset the size of the photo,add watermark,add text content and so much more.Like its powerful function!!

Easy to Use

by soyang33

I enjoy the fact that I can add my own watermarks. This app is easy to use and fun to experiment with! GET IT NOW!!

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