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A fully-featured and user-friendly desktop publishing and page layout application specially made for novice and experienced users.

- From Softpedia Editor

A Bunch of Good Templates

by alan5460256

I am always interested in any app that empowers me to create stunning flyers, brochures, reports, and more. Of course, the drawback is not all of them are easy to use. The main differences are that Publisher Plus is a touch faster to use, because it doesn’t hide options behind menus. The benefit is a bunch of good templates to use where you just enter your personalized text.

The limitation is Export options, because Publisher Plus flattens everything into images, even when you print to PDF.

Nice App

by g.woo

It is easy to use publisher plus and it provides many templetes for me to create business cards, newletters, posters and so on. You will like to use it to create many kinds of products. Please enjoy it.

Publisher Plus for Newsletters

by momelick

If you're familiar with an old fashioned program like Print Shop or Print Master on a Mac, then this is the program for you. I got tired of working with pages templates when the type got transferred onto another page. This program is real simple. Easy to add pages, delete pages, import images from iPhoto, or their clip art. If you need any additional clip art, just browse online, it's easy to add.


by travis walter

This app is amazing! So simple to use and easy to learn. It sure does get the job done. And it's worth every penny. Thanks!


by durant#35

This app is so convenient for me to write things on my Macbook. It is so beautiful and useful. Everyone should download it and have a try!


by getreadyteddy

There are a ton of ready-to-use high-quality templates for letters, flyers, cards and all other documets. You can easily add your content, edit the fonts, re-arrange the elements to publish your attractive piece of work. The other comment asking for functions seems harsh but true. This app shoud improve usability, like shortcuts, to make itsself a better document processor.

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