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Picture Collage Maker offers users several options for using their photographs in creative ways.

- From CNET Editor

Strongly Recommend This Tool

by editor

Picture Collage Maker can be both used by rookies and experienced individuals. We strongly recommend this tool for entertainment purposes.

Nice and Useful

by editor

This is a very nice and useful utility for those who wish to create image collages, calendars, scrapbooks and even smaller posters.

Fantastic Choice

by editor

For a fully comprehensive collage making tool though, Picture Collage Maker is a fantastic choice.

Nice Software

by editor

Picture Collage Maker Pro is a nice software because not only is it easy to use, but also because it comes with many, many template for the user to use and each collage can be fully customized to fit the user's needs.

Great Collage Software

by benjamin glettenberg

Really a great collage software ! Very, very fast and simple.

Easy, Yet Powerful

by harringg

I've been trying out the competion's trials and lite versions and haven't found any that "just work". I spent over 45 minutes with another Collage product and still couldn't get it to do what I wanted with four simple images, even using the help/support sites. I gave up and started designing the desired layout in Photoshop.

I then saw this program and realized I hadn't tried it yet. With this program, it was intuitive, straight forward, and I had my desired collage created in under 5 minutes of downloading this program.

Not only is it easy and straightforward to work with, it's a highly customizable, powerful tool in the photo collage genre.

Just What I Needed to Print PDF Collages of JPEG Files

by tomh3

Preparing pictures for court case. Needed simple and fast method to create collages from photos located in various places on my Mac including USB Drive, Desktop and iPhoto. And, needed to create the appropriate titles. This app does the job and I am thrilled.(Purchased three other apps before finding this one. None compared for this task.)

Easy to Use

by akjk9195

I am a relative dummy when it comes to computers and applications. This one is easy to figure out and use - very intuitive. I haven't tried anyting more than creating simple collages and saving them to print out but I think the app is great.

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