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Compressing ideas into animations to deliver a message or to simply make people smile, is a veritable art form. PicGIF offers you the tools to express yourself through animated GIFs.

- From Softpedia Editor

Just What I Needed

by dj abesamp

It easily does everything it’s supposed to do! The ONLY thing that would make this an even better app, is if sound could be applied. Oher than that, it’s perfectly capable of doing just about anything that you were looking for in a GIF maker and editor. Very versatile and the finishing quality is clean and stable; not crappy at all! Nice work and trust me folks, I don’t leave reviews all the time let alone lengthy ones. However, this one gets my co-sign!!!

It’s Pretty Good

by avrumeleh

I do a lot with gifs and found that the software available for Windows PCs is a bit more sophisitcated than for Macs….but…this one is fairly good. Though it doesn’t have all the features I’d like (and had with software that I used before I got an iMac) it is versatile. The only thing that I fond thta it sorely lacks is cropping capability.

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