How to Set Background of Scrapbook

Click Background toolbar button on the top of window to set background of your scrapbook.

Click Color tab to fill the background with specified color. The fill type can be set as Solid, Gradient, and Advanced Gradient.

Solid color allows you to choose a single color you like best for the scrapbook.

Gradient color allows you to choose two colors for the scrapbook. You can use the angle control to customize color gradient.

Advanced Gradient color provides richer color gradient that allows you choose up to eight colors for the scrapbook and you have options to set the gradient as linear or radial.

Click Pattern tab to fill the background with preset patterns. You have options to select your desired background pattern from all or from any specific kit and you can preview the background you choose instantly on the scrapbook.

Click Image tab to select your own images as background. You can set the background scale as Tile, Stretch, and Fill.

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