VideoGIF for Mac

An intuitive and versatile video to GIF convertor that makes it easier than ever to go from video clip to animated GIF by trimming any part of videos/movies.

VideoGIF for Mac screenshot

VideoGIF for Mac Screenshot

Users Review

  • I have found this app accidentally. But it can make everything that I need in my everyday life. Thank you!
  • - meszesss
  • Very easy to use application, I’ve always looked for an app you can create gifs easily from videos! The user interface is very friendly and you can learn using the app quickly. Recommended!
  • - Hungaroplan
  • VideoGif is very simple to use. It is not only support video, and also support shooting from the webcam. I kept trying to download a git off the internet but they didn’t have what i wanted. For now I can make gifs about anything I want. It’s a simple use and great useful app.
  • - dogdogwei

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