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Picture Collage Maker FAQs

General FAQs

What is Picture Collage Maker Pro?

  • Picture Collage Maker is all-in-one software which can help you create photo collages in quick time. With its help, you could import your favorite pictures and photos, edit them with easy operations or prettify it with diverse effects. Then you can save your collage as image, send it via E-mail, set it as wallpaper or print it directly. You can also save it as project for future editing.

What's the system requirement for Picture Collage Maker?

  • 1. Windows NT4.0, 2000, XP (Recommended), Server 2003, VISTA operating system;
  • 2. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0;
  • 3. Pentium or AMD 233 MHz CPU (Recommended: 500MHz or greater);
  • 4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher;
  • 5. 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256MB or greater);
  • 6. 200 MB hard drive space available.

What are differences between Picture Collage Maker and Picture Collage Maker Pro?

What are the differences between trial version and full version?

  • Full version of our product is our formal product without time limit and copyright watermark. It needs to place an order to purchase.
  • The trial version of our product is free to download. It includes same functions as full version, but has a 15-day limit and copyright watermark on its output image.

How to download additional resources?

  • The additional resources are available for the users of Picture collage Maker Pro only. In the email we sent to you after your purchase, the registration code and a full version download link are included in it. You may download and re-install the full version of the program through that link. The full version has already included all functions and additional resources, which does not need any further downloading.

How to remove the watermark in collage project made by trial version?

  • Full version and trial version adopt same collage project format - "*.PWP". The collage project (*.PWP) you created by trial version can be opened by full version as well. Start your full version of Picture Collage Maker, click "Open" on the toolbar, select the created collage you need in the popup window, then the collage shall open and there will be no copyright watermark on the output image anymore.

Upgrade Policy

What if I use Picture Collage Maker Pro v 1/v 2, and want to upgrade to latest v 3?

  • We offer a 50% discount for older users to upgrade from Picture Collage Maker Pro v 1/v 2 to Picture Collage Maker Pro v 3.
  • Please send us your purchase information of Picture Collage Maker Pro v 1 or v 2 at supp[email protected] and we will send you the upgrade link.

How to upgrade to Picture Collage Maker Pro from Picture Collage Maker?

  • For the upgrade from Picture Collage Maker to Picture Collage Maker Pro, we offer a 70% discount and you can upgrade at just $10.
  • Please send us your purchase information of Picture Collage Maker at supp[email protected] and we will send you the upgrade link.

What is the general upgrade policy?

  • There will be no charges if it's a minor upgrade. For example, if you have purchased Picture Collage Maker v 2.0, you can receive all future updates (2.1, 2.1.1, 2.2, etc.) for free till Picture Collage Maker 3.0 and so forth.

How to Use Picture Collage Maker

How to register Picture Collage Maker?

  • 1. You may download the trial version from our official website and install it on your computer, and then purchase to get you license code. The steps are as below: start the program -> a Registration window pops up -> click "Register" button on it -> input License Code in the bar -> click "OK".
  • 2. If you don't see the registration window pop up, click menu "help"-> "register"-> Enter your license code -> Click "OK".

Which formats of image can I use to create a picture collage?

  • Picture Collage Maker supports the following most popular formats:
  • * JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group format, a lossy compression technique for color images;
  • * TIF, TIFF ?Universal Graphic Format for PC and Mac platforms;
  • * BMP- Windows bit-mapped graphics format;
  • * GIF - Graphic Interchange Format, a bit-mapped graphics file format used by World Wide Web;
  • * PNG - Portable Network Graphics format.

How to lock photo aspect ratio?

  • When editing, you may right click on the photo in a collage, and select "Lock Aspect Ratio" on the popup menu. With this setting, when you resize the photo, it will keep the Length & Width ratio of the original photos.

How to view collage on other computer?

  • If you intend to transfer the collage to another computer and open it by other image viewing software, you need to save the collage in JPEG format or other image formats (i.e. save it as a picture).
  • If you intend to transfer the collage to another computer and open it by Picture Collage Maker, you may need to save the collage in PWP format. After you save it, a PWP document and a folder shall generate correspondingly. For instance, if you save and name the collage as "test", there will be a "test.pwp" document and a "test-PM" folder. Copy this PWP document and folder to the computer you intend to transfer to, you may open and edit it by Picture Collage Maker on it (The other computer should be installed with Picture Collage Maker too).

How to keep photos in Grid Collage Wizard in order?

  • The photos in Grid Collage Wizard are put in order randomly. If you want to customize the order, you may click "Shuffle" Or click "Finish" and adjust the order manually as you need.

How to add text?

  • You may add the text in collage and drag it to the position as you need respectively. The following steps are for your reference:
  • There are two methods to enter into text edit window.
  • 1. Click "Collage" on main menu and click "Add Text" on the dropdown menu.
  • 2. You can also click toolbar button "Add"-> "Add Text".

How to add calendar?

  • There are two methods to add calendar on the collage.
  • 1. Click "Collage" on main menu and click "Add Calendar" on the dropdown menu.
  • 2. Click "Add" toolbar button and choose "Add Calendar".
  • Then you will be able to see calendar in the collage, and you can move and resize it by simply dragging with your mouse cursor.

How to remove frame?

  • 1. If you intend to remove the white frame on individual photo, please right click on the photo, and select "Clear -> Clear Frame" on the menu.
  • 2. If you intend to remove the default white frame of photos, you may open the "Frame" tab on the left of the window, right click and select "Clear Default Frame" on the menu.

How to crop photo in frame?

  • When a photo is added in frame, the program shall crop the photo to adapt to the frame size automatically. If you want to re-position the photo, you may use the "Crop" feature. Drag the mouse cursor on the photo you intend to re-position, right click and choose "Crop Photo". You may move the selection area by pressing and dragging the left mouse button to re-position the image and also may drag the handles around the selection area to resize it as you wish.

How to add font in Picture Collage Maker Pro?

  • Picture Collage Maker Pro's fonts come from the operating system. If you want to add new font, just copy the font files into the folder "Fonts" in "Windows" folder (usually C:\), then you will be able to see the new fonts in Picture Collage Maker Pro's font list.

How to Save/Print Collages

How to print large size collage?

  • It requires very large memory to process large size collage and may take a while to complete the processing. To make high quality collage, please make sure a proper collage page size is selected first. The maximum size for Picture Collage Maker Pro is 12000*12000 pixels (i.e. 40*40 inches or 1016*1016 mms). Click "Collage" -> "Collage Panel Setting" to set size of collage. The default collage DPI is 300. Please set DPI no higher than 500. In "Print Preview" window, you can check whether the actual print page size is correct.

How to save as picture and take outside for printing?

  • The following steps to save collage as picture are for your reference: on the "Collage" menu -> click "Save Collage As Picture" -> select the suitable picture format, such as "JPEG" or "BMP" etc -> specify a folder on your hard disc to save it. You may take it to the shop by saving it in a USB key or by E-mail or any other way convenient for you.

How to save collage as template?

  • After editing your photo collage, click “Collage” on main menu -> "Save As Template” or click toolbar button “Template” -> “Save As Template”. You can preview your collage template in a new pop-up window. Input template name, then click "Save".


Why do I fail to add photos?

  • The error may be caused by improper image format. Our program supports common image formats like jpeg, png, bmp, gif, tiff etc. Other less common image format like raw, etc is not suitable for our program.

Why do I get blurry text in collage?

  • This problem may be caused by small font size after the text is magnified by dragging. When you adjust the text size by dragging, the font size will not change accordingly. You'll need to set a larger font size in the "Text Setting" window, for example, 72. Then go back to adjust the text size in the collage and you will get a clear text.

How to set language of Picture Collage Maker Pro?

  • Picture Collage Maker Pro supports four languages including: English, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).
  • The way to set language of Picture Collage Maker Pro is as follows:
  • Click “Options” -> “Language” and choose the language you need. Then please restart Picture Collage Maker Pro.

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