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New CollageIt 3 for Mac Comes with Free Mode, Brand New Templates, Photo Effects and More

Aug 12, 2013

PearlMountain Co. Ltd is pleased to announce this year’s major update of CollageIt for Mac - CollageIt 3. Free Mode to edit each photo manually, brand new templates, photo effects and many other new features are available in CollageIt 3.

CollageIt 3 is an easy-to-use photo collage creator for Mac OS X. It has been tailored to meet customer demands after reviews of feedback collected over the years. This is a flagship offering of the company for the creative’s and photo enthusiast. Customers will enjoy the quick and free experience of composing photo collages with CollageIt 3.

CollageIt 3 has retained all advantageous features of its predecessors. Users just need to choose a template from 4 popular collage styles - Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile to create photo collages quickly. They can click Random Layout and Shuffle to generate organized collages continuously. And with Free Mode in this update, users can create collages with more freedom in seconds.

For the new CollageIt 3, besides 45+ brand new templates, it features Free Mode which allows users to edit collage manually and freely. It also features 21+ photo effects to create unique and artistic effect for a collage. Moreover, the functionality of zooming editing area makes it easier to make adjustments. Users can also apply borders with round corners to make a collage unique. Other new features include full-screen, text effects, customizing background image, previewing collage with Preview, and sharing collage directly on Facebook.

New Key Features

  • 45+ Brand New Templates: They have been integrated all new features of CollageIt 3 to present users with a superb preview of what the app can do. These totally renovated templates are designed for users to create a stunning collage in seconds.

  • Free Mode: If the collage layout is not satisfying enough after clicking Random Layout, users can click Free Mode to edit and adjust each photo manually the way they wish. Users are free to move, resize, rotate each photo, and adjust layers to suit their tastes. It gives users great flexibility as never before to compose the works they have in mind.

  • 21+ Selected Photo Effects and Many Text Effects: Photo effects make it possible to change photo hues as a whole and make photos achieve more artistic looks. Comparing adding simple text in the past, text effects in CollageIt 3 namely - Stroke, Glow, and Background contribute to more vivid and highlighted text textures.

  • Zooming of Editing Area: While personalizing a collage, zooming of editing area gives users the convenience to preview tiny details of any part of the collage before exporting it.

  • Border of Round Corners: It provides special photo borders with round corners to add more individuality to the collage. Like with the previous version, users can still customize other photo settings such as shadow, border color and width.

  • Share Collage Directly on Facebook: When a satisfying collage is completed, user can directly share it on Facebook with the new sharing options in CollageIt 3. Users can also choose to save collage as picture/PDF, set as desktop image, and send as E-Mail like before.

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    Pricing and Availability

    CollageIt 3 requires Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and it is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). During the time limited update promotion, interested people can purchase the app with a discount of 70% on Mac App Store at only 9.99 USD. The original price is 29.90 USD.


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